New features, enhancements and resolved issues can be found in these release notes. Please Aalso check the Release Migration Guide for detailed instructions on how to migrate to newer versions.

Release thingsHub 3.32

Released 13/Mai/2020

  • Allow creating data tables and importing CSV files into data tables
  • Add interface for managing labels
  • Show labels on the device overview
Release thingsHub 3.31

Released 14/April/2020

  • Added more provisioned dashboards to the thingsHub
  • Show hints about the password policy, when settinng a user password
  • Provide functionality to delete data from the time series database
Release thingsHub 3.30

Released 25/March/2020

  • Introducing data tables, for better visualization of the sensor data stored in the thingsHub
  • Upgrade the Visualizer to the latest release (6.6)
  • Introduced separate endpoints for updating and patching device configuration
Release thingsHub 3.29

Released 16/March/2020

  • Add option for whitelabeling for professional plan users
  • Minor cleanup on the device details page
  • Fixed bug in device wizard that allowed for underscores in device IDs
Release thingsHub 3.28

Released 10/February/2019

  • More bug fixes
Release thingsHub 3.27

Released 28/January/2019

  • Various bug fixes
Release thingshub 3.26

Released 17/December/2019

  • Docker compose-based single-tenant deployment mode
  • Store a device's ID along with the reception data in the time series database
  • Implement basic telemetry information for devices for static and dynamic (moving) device profiles
Release thingsHub 3.25

Released 30/November/2019

  • Introducing level 3 drivers
  • Implemented cleaner separation between measured data and device state
  • Proidie network uplink metadata to the device drivers
  • Allow for the driver to queue  multiple downlinks at once
Release thingsHub 3.24

Released 28/October/2019

  • Provide separate roles for the visualizer and the thingsHub's device management component
  • Single-sign-on (SSO) between the thingsHub's device management and the visualizer
  • Extended schema to allow for "configurable" properties in driver schemas
  • Provide a method for specifying a configurable property's default value
  • Provide device configuration example extracted from the driver data schema
  • Fixed issue in Cumulocity integration that lead to disconnects
Release thingsHub 3.23

Released 05/October/2019

  • User management functionalities have been extended
  • The data table will automatically refresh when new data is arriving from the device / sensor
  • The "Kerlink SPN" connector does allow to add/remove new devices
  • A button "Update all drivers" allow the Web-UI user to pull the latest thingsHub LoRaWAN device drivers from the official repo
  • Bug fix: changing device driver to an invalid driver pushes invalid data in a measurement with the new driver name
  • Bug fix: pulling too many drivers at once crashes the registry service
  • Bug fix: thingsHub Network connectors seem to not set the "Best" field correctly
  • Bug fix: deleting a connector in the web-ui is very slow and prints an error message
Release thingsHub 3.21

Released 23/August/2019

  • Added 4-step "Add Device" wizard for easier manual device activation
  • Fixed redirect to /login when token is lost
  • Show dates in the Web-UI in the local zime (with relative time and UTC time in a popover)
  • Extended NKE driver to handle battery and firmware version, made binary input cluster more configurable
  • Provided extenal access to the time series data via the REST API
  • Fixed displaying of error messages in mutliple places through the Web-UI and API
Release thingsHub 3.20

Released 06/August/2019

  • Adding of devices via the WebUI
  • Management of OTAA and ABP device keys
  • Connecting to Kerlink networks using the same keys
  • Set CORS to allow all origins
  • Searching in the device overview table
Release thingsHub 3.19

Released 17/July/2019

  • Allow setting the desired state in the WebUI
  • Add demo network for shared, read-only access to real device data
Release thingsHub 3.18

Released 18/June/2019

  • Added MySQL integration for storing data in MySQL databases
  • Allow sending notification emails when new users are created
  • Added status field for integrations: reports about the last uplink processed by the integrations
  • Upgraded Visualizer to newer version:
    • Modified user interface for building dashboards
Release thingsHub 3.17

Released 22/May/2019

  • Web-UI:
    • Added network connector and integrations overview page
    • Added network connectors and integrations details page
    • Added dialogs for adding network connectors and integrations
  • Fix adding labels with a single character
  • Cleanly format reported and desired state JSON
  • Allow creating integrations with the web-ui
  • Details page for network connectors
  • Allow installing grafana plugins